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startrek2009's Journal

Star Trek
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star trek
Hey! This is a general discussion community for the new Star Trek movie.

1. Please keep posts on topic; I don't care what you discuss in the comments, but posts should be limited to things related to the upcoming movie.
2. Keep discussions civil.
3. No series bashing.
4. Promotions for related communities are fine!
5. Questions, comments, and requests to affiliate go here.

Affiliated communities!
spock_uhura A LiveJournal community dedicated to the relationship between Mr. Spock and Uhura from the Star Trek series.
st_reboot The community for the posting of fanwork pertaining to Star Trek TOS, books and the new movie.
trekfics The community for all Star Trek fanfic!
tosfic A community for sharing and talking about Star Trek: The Original Series fan fiction.
startrekart A community for Star Trek fanart.
kirk_mccoy A community dedicated to the relationship between Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy and Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek XI (2009).
yelchinfans The newest and brightest community dedicated to Anton Yelchin.
salinto For Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto shippers.
st_anon_fic Star Trek anon fic requests and prompts.
scotty_uhura Dedicated to the relationship between Scotty and Uhura.
drbonesmccoy The first and only community for Dr. Leonard McCoy
kirk_uhura This is the first and, so far, only community dedicated to the relationship between James T. Kirk and Nyota Uhura.
trek_rpf_kink Anon kink meme, but for the cast and crew of Star Trek XI.
str_icontest An icon challenge community for Star Trek XI and all movies that will follow it.
st_ficfinder For tracking down a particular Star Trek fic, or a particular kind of fic.
trekvidrecs For fanvids from any Star Trek series or movie.
startrek_fm A community dedicated to Star Trek fanmixes.
uhura_mccoy A community dedicated to the relationship between Nyota Uhura and Leonard "Bones" McCoy.
zsaldana_daily This community is dedicated to the beautiful and talented actress Zoë Saldaña.
startwek A community dedicated to de-aging and flashback fanworks.

This community is moderated by rocknload. The layout is by milou_veronica and the banner was made for us by parcus.